Look How Trump Made Christmas Great Again – Millions Of Taxpayers Are Grinning

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, Americans are gearing up for Christmas. Black Friday and Cyber Monday just hit this weekend.

Millions of Americans are rushing to stores to jump on sales. The preparations for the most wonderful time of year are kicking in.

Christmas is a time of celebration and cheer. It’s also a time when people spend big bucks on gifts, food, travel, and more. After a long year of hard work, Americans want to celebrate.

It looks like they’ll have more to celebrate about this year. Thanks to Trump, they’ll even have more to celebrate with.

From Washington Examiner:

In the latest sign of a booming economy, human resources officers from some 500 corporations anticipate a massive 66 increase in cash Christmas bonuses, added to a big surge in gifts and parties for American workers.

New data to Secrets from Accounting Principals said the “average bonus” will jump from $1,081 last year to $1,797.

Other findings:

  • 39 percent of companies plan to give employees other perks throughout the year instead of a bonus.
  • 38 percent will give charitable donations in lieu of a bonus, up from 31 percent in 2016.
  • 33 percent of HR managers say that asking a boss for a bonus directly will increase the likelihood of getting a bonus, compared to 15 percent in 2016.

Liberals won’t want to associate this boom with Trump. But we didn’t see these numbers during Obama’s time in the White House. Even a modest bump in bonuses is a welcomed change. Families with kids will be happy about that. Toys don’t come cheap!

Many employees rely on a Christmas bonus. It is often a large part of their salary. A boast in what they take home this year will mean a lot.

On top of that good news, we’ve learned what other companies are doing. The strength of the economy allows them to provide other benefits.  There will be more perks throughout the year. There will be more charitable giving. Things are getting so good, that employees who ask for a bonus will get one!

It looks like Christmas this year will really be a special time.

Source: Washington Examiner

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