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We live at time where simple declarations of faith or patriotism can result in significant repercussions.

Around the world people live in fear that radical terrorists or government will coming knocking down their door, ready to punish them for their statements and beliefs.

The last place you should see that happening is in the United States, but sadly that’s not the truth. Around this country, there are people who try to use the law to punish proud Americans.

They want to regulate where, when, and how we can show our faith and national pride. They want you to believe it’s for the public’s “best interest,” but it’s really about controlling free expression and thought, the very tenants protected by the First Amendment.

From Yes I’m Right:

Whenever folks in Penfield, New York get a hankering for pancakes for lunch – they head over to the 5 Mile Café.

The family-owned restaurant is known in those parts for serving breakfast any time of the day (order their homemade corned beef hash).

They are also known for their patriotism.

So Jennifer decided to ask the town for a permit so she could post a “God Bless America” banner on the front of her restaurant.  She wanted to display the banner from Memorial Day through Independence Day.

There was just one significant problem.

Penfield has a strict banner allotment policy. Businesses are only allowed to post banners for a total of three weeks out of the year. And Jennifer had used up her allotment.

This Communist-run town had stipulations on when and how a privately-owned business could display signs of patriotism. It’s not as if the restaurant wanted to put up radical, political views or a garish, neon display light. It was a simple banner with the American flag and our most common phrase: “God Bless America.”

Who in their right minds would disagree to that? This town board apparently. But despite their threats of fines, owner Jennifer Aquino put the sign up anyway. She announced she would happily pay the fine, if it meant she could preserve her freedoms and express support for her country.

Is this what we’ve come to? People can only express their faith in God and support for America, if they pay for it? Our local governments so petty, so power-hungry, they want to ban the hanging of small, simple signs?

This is government overreach out of control. This is every conservatives fight to abolish. When a restaurant can’t hang a patriotic sign over their front door, we’re not longer in America.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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