Clarence Thomas Makes UNPRECEDENTED Move…Liberals Seething, Americans CHEERING!

Trump and his millions of supporters probably need to face the fact that nothing he will ever do will prevent his enemies from calling him “racist.”

This has been true of other Republican presidents, like Nixon, Reagan and Bush: Even after they did “progressive” things like institute the EPA, appoint the first female justice to the Supreme Court, or allot hundreds of millions of dollars to treat AIDS in Africa, their reputation with leftists never shifted. They were all still “evil right-wingers.”

So, while this next story provides a glimpse into what to expect during Friday’s inauguration ceremonies, it will not be greeted with cheers from liberals:

In the 228 years that America has been governed by the Constitution, no President or Vice President has ever been sworn in by an African American Supreme Court Justice.

That will all change on Friday when Justice Clarence Thomas administers The Oath of Office to Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

To make an already historic event even more unique, Pence will be the first elected official to be sworn in on the Reagan family Bible since the late president used it during his own inaugurations.

So this historic first will happen under the Trump administration, not Obama’s or another Democrat. In that situation, liberals, who normally keep close track of these race-based “firsts,” would have applauded.

However, Thomas is already reviled by the Left for being a conservative. Watch for him to be denounced on social media as an “Uncle Tom,” and worse, for taking part in the Trump/Pence ceremonies.

Democrats only pretend to care about equality and advancement. Their real priorities are power, and making sure that certain races toe their “party line.”

Source: Independent Journal Review

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