BREAKING: Climate Change Alarmists Release URGENT Warning…’If Trump Wins, The World Will…

It’s possible there are still people out there who believe every doomsday warning that scientists issue about “global warming” or “climate change” or whatever they’re calling it now.

Commentator James Delingpole has been covering the “global warming” craze for years, mocking the dire predictions that never turn out to be accurate, and the hypocrisy of the activists who fly around the world in private jets, telling ordinary people to ride bicycles.

Delingpole now reports in Breitbart:

Hundreds of members of the US National Academy of Sciences have signed an open letter in support of Hillary because global warming.

If it sounds like stuff you’ve heard a thousand times before from the usual shrill, grant-troughing, rent-seeking, data-fudging, jet-setting, money-grubbing, scientific-method-abusing, FOI-dodging, lying, cheating, climate alarmist scum bags, that’s because you have.

After explaining the inaccuracies scattered throughout this boilerplate “scientific” document, Delingpole denounces it as:

[A] one world government masterplan for a new economic order in which energy users are obliged by state fiat to treat carbon dioxide as a menace – despite the glaring lack of scientific evidence that it is anything other than a harmless and beneficial trace gas.

Without mentioning Donald Trump by name, Delingpole then calls upon “someone prominent on the international stage” to finally oppose “the most expensive and large scale fraud in scientific history.”

It’s likely the scientists’ letter will backfire, and simply increase the resolve of Trump voters to cast their ballot for him in November. Whether or not Trump could or would put a stop to the “carbon emissions” charade, it’s almost certain that a President Hillary Clinton will only keep the scam going.

Credit: Breitbart

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