WHOA: Clint Eastwood Drops A TRUTH BOMB…Trump Can’t Believe What He’s Hearing!

Clint Eastwood is in an enviable position. He’s a Hollywood legend who is also a bold conservative, so few people dare to criticize him. That’s partly because they’re just scared of him, thanks to his “Dirty Harry” persona.

But he’s also distinguished himself as a director, not just an actor, and in the Hollywood food chain, that puts him at the top in terms of power and respectability.

He’s getting on in years, so Eastwood probably cares less about offending anyone than he did in the past. Not coincidentally, that’s what he likes about Donald Trump.

From Make America Great Today:

Actor and director Clinton Eastwood is under fire after stating that Trump is “not racist” but only voicing what many people are already thinking. While he acknowledged that not everything Trump is saying is right, he argued that Americans have become to focused on political correctness.

In the recent interview, 86-year-old Eastwood also had some harsh criticisms for President Obama. Eastwood argued that Obama has no business in the White House, criticizing him for not being proactive in working with Congress for deals.

He criticized Obama’s entire generation in fact, claiming that many people within it do not want to do the work required of them.

Eastwood is a dying breed of a great generation. However, millions of Trump supporters clearly hope that the values he espouses will carry on after him, thanks to a new generation fired up to “make America great again.”

Credit: Make America Great Today

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