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Hillary Attacks Bernie At Rally…But She Forgot One IMPORTANT Detail That Has EVERYONE Laughing!
By PJ Editor|March 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton was just caught in a huge slip up on the campaign trail!

Here’s what Gawker reports:

Memory is a funny thing, and it’s even funnier when you’re in the midst of a bitter fight for the highest political office in the country.

In one recent slip-up, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton showed us the folly of memory, and how it can lead us to do some very careless things. Amy Chozick, a reporter for The New York Times, tweeted out something Clinton said at a campaign event in St. Louis on Saturday, an effort to disparage her adversary Sen. Bernie Sanders’ history on health care reform.

Continuing from the New York Times:

She said she has “a little chuckle to myself” when she thinks about the current debates over health care. “I don’t know,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Where was he when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94?”

Mrs. Clinton apparently has a very bad memory. The Sanders’ campaign had an amazing comeback!

The answer: “Literally, standing right behind her,” a Sanders spokesman, Mike Casca, said on Twitter, posting a photo from a 1994 news conference that shows Mr. Sanders next to Mrs. Clinton when the then first lady spoke about the White House’s proposed health care overhaul

And…more proof that Hillary will say anything to get power. See this handwritten note to Bernie back in the day:


Credit: Gawker and New York Times

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PJ Editor
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