BREAKING: Clinton Camp In Full Meltdown…New Charges Signal The END IS NEAR!

The ongoing fight over Hillary Clinton and the DNC’s email scandal doesn’t seem to be stopping—in fact, after a lull it may be coming to a final, explosive end.  The revelation that the candidate for president lied about what she sent over her private email server has enraged citizens across America.

We watched as the FBI director clearly outlined how Hillary did in fact break numerous laws and regulations by sending classified and Top Secret documents across an unsecure network. He called her “extremely careless,” yet did not recommend charges.

This in light of the fact that Clinton lied numerous times that she did not send classified documents. She even swore on oath that she was telling the truth. Even though the FBI exposed her as a liar, she continues to deny the reality.

It’s all getting a bit ridiculous. And it seems some in Washington are trying to do something about it.

From Yes I’m Right:

House Republicans have detailed perjury allegations against Hillary Clinton, citing the apparent conflict between her 2015 congressional testimony about her email practices and the FBI’s conclusions announced in July, according to a letter to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia.

“The four pieces of sworn testimony by Secretary Clinton described herein are incompatible with the FBI’s findings,”  House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote to US Attorney Channing D. Phillips. “We hope this information is helpful to your office’s consideration of our referral.”

It’s clear that Republicans in DC are trying to hold Hillary accountable for her perjury charges. However, they have Obama’s district attorney to work with. This is the same cabal that met with Bill Clinton on the eve of the FBI’s statement.

It might not be likely that Obama’s DOJ will do anything to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her crimes. Her husband, after all, lied under oath years ago and got away with it.

Whatever happens, the American people have a safety mechanism to punish Clinton: voting out of politics forever in November.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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