Clinton Campaign PANIC…The Polls Say 1 Thing, But THIS Is The REAL STORY!

The Clinton campaign is outwardly projecting confidence as the polls have swung her way post-convention amid shocking anti-Trump media bias and suppression of her increasingly evident involvement in a wide range of criminal activities from corruption to murder.

However, inside Clinton world her campaign manager is hitting the panic button!

Robbie Mook, who heads Clinton’s election effort is deeply concerned about the campaign despite the polls.

The Washington Examiner reveals why…

The Clinton campaign is raising red flags over depressed Democratic fundraising, telling supporters that when they should be “crushing” Donald Trump with donations, checks flowing into the campaign are behind projections.

“At a time when we should be crushing the other side in fundraising — and building the strongest voter outreach operation we can — our fundraising has actually been falling just a little bit short of our projections, day-by-day,” warned campaign Chairman Robby Mook.

Many people took Clinton’s recent decision to turn off TV ads in several states as a sign that she believed she was winning and didn’t need the extra exposure. Now we know the truth! Clinton is trying to save money as her fundraising has dried up.

Source: Washington Examiner

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