BREAKING: Clinton Charity Expenses REVEALED…Hillary’s Gonna HATE That This Got Out!

The United States and Canada famously share the world’s longest undefended border. Unfortunately, the Clinton’s toxic corruption has now crept over the 49th parallel and infected America’s nearest ally.

Legitimate charities and foundations boast about their low administrative costs, with the most efficient and ethical able to distribute 95 per cent of the money donated to their particular cause. So how does the Clinton Foundation line up with that standard?

Reporting for, Peter Schweizer writes:

The Canadian affiliate of the Clinton Foundation is spending an astounding 78 percent of the money it raises on administrative costs, according to the Globe and Mail.

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) spent nearly 8 dollars for every 10 that it raised on salaries, office supplies, expenses, salaries and consulting fees, according to filings with the Canada Revenue Agency. The charity only spent 22 percent on “charitable programs.”

The CGEP was set up by Canadian mining investor Frank Giustra (…) so that Canadians contributing to the Clinton Foundation would receive a tax deduction in Canada.

Giustra, who has “given tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation since 2005,” was also “involved in a small Canadian uranium company that received a lucrative uranium concession in Kazakhstan after Bill Clinton visited the country with him in 2005. The company was later sold to the Russian government in a deal which needed approval from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

Incidentally: The word “salaries” appears twice for some reason, which is particularly odd because according to this report, the CGEP has only four full time employees.

That this report appeared in Canada’s equivalent of the New York Times is also noteworthy. The elite establishment Globe & Mail is about as anti-Trump as it gets, but this revelation can only help The Donald’s campaign.


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