Leaked Emails PROVE Clinton Coordinating With MASSIVE Tech Company…You Won’t BELIEVE Who!

For months now, conservative users have complained that Facebook has been doing everything from manipulating their news feed to favor stories that push the liberal agenda, to censoring and banning “right wing” users for the slightest reason.

These critics were called paranoid, and Facebook denied playing political favorites. Of course, that was all a lie, as revealed in the latest juicy batch of WikiLeaks documents.

Peter Hasson reports at The Daily Caller:

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shared research with key members of the Clinton campaign, newly released emails show. (…)

At the meeting, which took place a month before Clinton formally announced her candidacy for president, Sandberg shared research on “gender and leadership by women.” It’s unclear from the emails if the research in question was done by Facebook, or if it was Sandberg’s personal research.

Of course, Facebook is desperately trying to play down this revelation. They may operate in far-left Silicon Valley, but over the past year they’ve found out that many of their users are ready to dump the social network if they don’t abandon their censorship habits and obvious bias.

Rumor has it that if elected, Hillary Clinton will appoint Sheryl Sandberg as the Secretary of the Treasury. Isn’t that another good reason to try to keep her out of the Oval Office?

Source: Daily Caller

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