Clinton Donor Scandal GROWS…ROCKS Race As Media Turn up The Heat!

It seems like we can’t go a day reporting the news without having to talk about Hillary Clinton. She is the democratic nominee for president, sure. But every story coming out for MONTHS have revolved around one scandal after another.

It’s getting ridiculous, quite frankly. Doesn’t this woman have anything good on her record? Doesn’t look like it.

Yesterday we dropped the bombshell that over half of the people that got to meet with then Secretary of State Clinton had given big cash to her scam of a foundation. This was something many conservative outlets were circulating.

Well it seems that news this big couldn’t be ignored by the liberal elite, because they’re sounding the trumpet.

From Allen B West:

In a case of you-know-it-must-be-REALLY-bad-when-even-the-mainstream-media-says-so, The Associated Press is reporting that well over half of all the people not working for the government who met with Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State gave cash to the Clinton Foundation.

Most people are connecting the dots. Even a child can see that Hillary was prioritizing donors over actual, important causes. She only moved when the price was right. What does that say about her actions if she becomes president?

West makes another good point:

She has time to meet with her donors — now it would be great if she could find time to hold a press conference. It’s only been 263 days since the last one.

It’s bizarre that a woman who has benefited so much from the liberal media refuses to make any appearances. Perhaps she’s afraid of the questions. Perhaps she is afraid of exposing her deteriorating health.

Or perhaps, despite all the evidence of her corruption, she feels above the scrutiny of the press and public.

Source: Allen B West

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