Even If She’s Not Indicted, ‘Reckless’ Hillary May Be Toast Because Of What Is About To Happen Next

We’re still waiting for the final report regarding Hillary Clinton’s suspicious email server.

As the FBI continues their investigation, pundits and experts weigh in on what the revelations will do to the former Secretary of State’s political career.

While she may get off an indictment, there’s no doubt her criminal actions will land her in hot water come November.

Journalist and author Carl Bernstein went on “CNN Tonight” to discuss the issue.

He had some strong words regarding the candidate, saying leaks from the FBI investigation into her email scandal will be “very damaging” for her bid as President.

From Breitbart:

[…] “I think there are going to be some leaks that are going to be very damaging to Hillary Clinton. Look, what she did was an act of recklessness, and entitlement, that there’s no excuse for. And she’s going to have to go up to the FBI, under oath, and explain why she did this. And it’ll be the first time that she’ll have to give a really straight explanation, and it’s not going to be pretty.”

Recklessness? Yep. Entitlement? Definitely.

Don’t forget criminal wrongdoing in regards to the Freedom of Information Act and the transmission of Top Secret documents across un-secured servers.

Any sensible person would expect Clinton to face serious charges for her actions. If it were anyone else, they’d probably be in FBI custody by now. But because she has a gross amount of influence in the government, she’s allowed to walk freely and run a campaign.

Let’s hope the next President will take her down for good.

Source: Breitbart

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