HUMILIATED: America’s Rapist-In-Chief DESTROYED On National TV…And He Ain’t HAPPY! [WATCH]

Hillary Clinton may have been on the stage at Sunday’s town hall style face-off against Donald Trump. But it was her husband that America was most interested in seeing.

At least, that’s the reaction of voters during one specific portion of the debate, when Trump made a remark that, on surface, seemed casual.

Truly, it packed a big punch, though.

“During the debate,” Yes I’m Right noted, “Donald Trump mentions that he invited the women that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted, along with Kathy Shelton, a woman who[m] Hillary Clinton laughed when she successfully defended her rapist and got him a lighter sentence. Bill Clinton sat in the audience and his reaction was subtle, but it spoke volumes.”

So what best describes his reaction?

“He was absolutely mortified,” the news blog reported.

Trump threatened before the first debate he was going to bring Gennifer Flowers to the hall to serve as a not-so-subtle reminded to Hillary about her husband’s past, in case she tried to throw down hard on the pro-woman campaign mantra. But he didn’t, out of respect, he said, for the former first family’s daughter, Chelsea.

But this time around, Trump cast aside his concerns for Chelsea’s well-being, and sat three of the women from her father’s sexual past and sat them alongside each other in the audience.

Shelton, for one, was thankful for the show of support.

She tweeted, post-debate: “Donald J. Trump took the time today to meet and stand up for me & other abused women by the Clintons. Thank you.”

Source: Yes I’m Right

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