SHOCK VIDEO! Hillary Clinton Dishonesty REVEALED…Trump Is Going To Hang Her With THIS!

Which presidential candidate has said that illegal aliens should be deported, and walls built to keep more of them from getting into America?

If you said Donald Trump, you’d be right — but in a shocking revelation, it turns out that his Democratic opponent once said the same thing, ten years ago.

InfoWars has uncovered the evidence:

Shocking video shows Hillary Clinton calling for deportations and the building of a “physical barrier” to keep Mexicans out of the US.

Hillary is seen arguing the policies of Mexico are “pushing migration north across our border” and says the US needs to “secure our borders” with “physical barriers,” implement “tougher employer sanctions” for hiring illegals and “deport” those who’ve “committed transgressions.”

The video was taken from a speech Clinton gave to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006.

Will the real Hillary Clinton please stand up? Is this the Hillary who opposed gay marriage or the one who cheered it on? Americans have the right to know which one is running for the highest office in the land.

Source: Proud Cons

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