QUID PRO QUO: Clinton State Dept Corruption EXPOSED…USA Today BUSTS Hillary!

The Clinton campaign donors coupled with lobby groups making donations to the Clinton Foundation appears as a veritable spider’s web of interconnectedness and it cannot help but raise questions in the minds of Americans about the legalities and ethics of all the close relationships of these groups to the Clintons themselves.

We know that the Clinton Foundation has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the last few years and much of that money has come from foreign countries whose interests may lie in areas that most of us are, as yet, unaware.

USA Today sheds some light:

While it is widely known that some companies and foreign governments gave money to the foundations, perhaps in an effort to gain favor, one of the key parts of the puzzle hasn’t been reported: At least a dozen of those same companies lobbied the State Department, using lobbyists who doubled as major Clinton campaign fundraisers.

Those companies gave as much as $16 million to the Clinton charities. At least four of the lobbyists they hired are “Hillblazers,” the Clinton campaign’s name for supporters who have raised $100,000 or more for her current White House race. Two of the four also raised funds for Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

Most of us would recognize the names of major companies who donated to the Clinton Foundation:

Microsoft has given between $1 million and $5 million to the foundations, as the tech giant also lobbied for visa issues, protection of critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, software industry licensing and government procurement.

• Pfizer, one of the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies, has also given between $1 million and $5 million to the foundations, while lobbying for such issues as intellectual property rights overseas and issues related to medicines in Turkey and India.

• ExxonMobil, the global oil and energy company based in Texas, gave the foundations between $1 million and $5 million. The company lobbied the Department of State for issues involving hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as fracking, oil sands and other provisions.

• The Northeast Maglev, a Washington, D.C.-based company that advocates for high-speed, magnetic levitation rail service in the U.S., donated as much as $100,000 while lobbying the Department of State to help provide support for the issue.

• Mexico TV network Azteca and its affiliates donated as much as $375,000 while lobbying for U.S. business opportunities, an education initiative involving students from the U.S., Mexico and Latin America, and other causes.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Clinton Foundation’s influence extends to the Clinton Global InitiativeTrans-Pacific PartnershipThe Podesta GroupThe Northeast Maglev, all multi-million dollar organizations spending millions on their own pet projects and all with access to Hillary.

According to USA Today, the Clinton Camp denies any wrongdoing:

“We have no record of Secretary Clinton meeting with these individuals as Secretary regarding issues they were lobbying on at the time. The fact remains, Hillary Clinton never took action as Secretary of State because of donations to the Clinton Foundation,” her campaign said.

And it appears all of their charity donations were totally legal! Hillary is very good at covering her tracks and tying up loose ends.

The Clinton Foundation, along with a myriad of other associated philanthropic groups has become a global organization with more than 1,000 workers and volunteers in dozens of countries worldwide.

We might suspect that the Clinton Foundation has become too big, too powerful and too pervasive for many people to be comfortable with and it could explain why Hillary is getting away with so much.

Plus, it puts a whole new spin on the phrase “pay to play” when the Clintons can sell state favors or secrets, for that matter, with impunity and no one has the power or influence in congress to actually hold them accountable.

Literally EVERYONE may be on their payroll, in some way, and they are all terrified of being on the receiving end of a mysterious accident if they rock the boat!

Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia could, most likely, affirm that point if he were still alive to do so!

Source: USA Today



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