EXPOSED: Clinton Team Tries To DESTROY Donald…Fact Check Reveals 3 SHAMELESS Lies!

Just like his overlord Hillary, Tim Kaine urged people to check the facts during the Vice-Presidential debate. It seems that these two can’t really stand on their own, so they’re openly enlisting the press to distort the facts for them.

It’s seems very strange that the democrats keep appealing to the public to “fact check,” as if anything they say is ever accurate. They are pretty much asking the American public to expose them as liars.

But we know the truth: they’re hoping most people will tune into CNN to hear their cronies lie on their behalf, instead of just researching the facts on their own.

But, as you’d expect, Tim Kaine was inaccurate on many (MANY) issues.

From Proud Conservative:

Tim Kaine was so sure of himself last night in the VP debate, even saying several times “check the tape” or “this is a check the tape moment” suggesting America fact check the truth about particular topics. So, we did…and it turns out Tim Kaine is a flip-flopping fraud, just like his running mate.

Among his many lies there was the following:

Flip-Flop #1 – RIGHT TO WORK: In August 2016, Kaine stated that he opposed Right To Work which was drastically different from the support he offered for it in 2006.

In 2006, Kaine Said He “Strongly Support[s]” The Right-To-Work Law. “House GOPers rejected Gov. Tim Kaine’s (D) nominee for Commonwealth Sec., the 1st time a nominee has been rejected since the Cabinet system was created in the ’70s…

Flip-Flop #2 – TAXPAYER-FUNDED ABORTION: Kaine previously was opposed to taxpayer-funded abortion but has now flipped to oppose the Hyde Amendment which bans taxpayer funding for abortion. Once Kaine was in the running for Hillary’s VP, he cemented his flip-flop status as a pro-abortion Senator by cosponsoring legislation that would remove all state restrictions on abortion…

Flip-Flop #3 – TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP: TPP has been an important topic in this Presidential Race and Kaine has shifted on this issue as well. Initially, Kaine was insupport for TPP but following his selection as Clinton’s Vice Presidential Nominee, he switched to the side of opposition.

He went on to flip-flop on the issue of off-shore drilling, once supporting but now opposing it, thanks to Hillary. He flip-flopped in the case of gay marriage; when running for governor he openly opposed it. Now, not so much. And of course in the case of gun control, he once called himself a 2nd amendment supporter. But as a senator, he’s voted for gun-restricting bills.

Long before he joined the Clinton cabal, Tim Kaine’s had a track record of flipping on important issues. It’s clear he is a typical, old-guard politician, the kind that will say anything to get elected. We’ve come to a time when that kind of leadership simply won’t cut it.

Source: Proud Conservative

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