Clinton/Trump Finance Reports RELEASED…Hillary Is In A PANIC Over This!

They say that the presidential election goes to the one with the biggest pockets. Whoever spends the most money will certainly win the White House. That’s a sad reflection on the United States, which is supposed to be a government by the people and for the people.

It makes sense when you listen to Americans who refuse to vote. Why should they support super-rich elitists when they can’t even make ends meet? To add further fuel to the fire, they spend millions of dollars on meaningless ads, flushing money down the proverbial toilet.

Yet the reality is, dollars don’t equal votes. Despite a heated July campaign, with Hillary outspending Trump, the race is still neck and neck. In fact, even though Hillary’s team had the bigger pockets, she struggles to dominate this election.

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON – Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump each raced to their strongest fundraising month of the campaign in July, but Clinton and her allies continue to outmuscle her GOP rival in the air and ground war for the presidency, according to new details of the candidates’ spending.

Clinton pulled in more than $52 million directly into her campaign last month and spent more than $38 million, according to her campaign’s filings Saturday with federal election regulators.

Trump raised nearly $36.7 million for his campaign and spent at a far slower pace than Clinton, reporting nearly $18.5 million in expenses in July as Clinton and her allies savaged him on the airwaves.

It’s pretty telling, that even with all that special donor money, Hillary can’t tie up this election. We’ve seen how little enthusiasm there is at her rallies. They have to Photoshop in crowds to make it look like people care.

Yet at Trump rallies they have to turn people away, as the crowds swell in the thousands.

This as the mainstream media tries to distort the facts and give Hillary Clinton an unfair advantage. Even their questionable polls have Trump right beside the democrat. Given the media’s dishonesty, I’d say he’s got a much stronger lead.

It’s important to note where all the money is coming from. While Trump is reaching out to the American people for their support, Hillary has to rely on her rich, corrupt buddies. She wants to appear like she’s the heavy weight in this fight; yet Trump is the one with the people’s attention.

Billionaires, such as California environmentalist Tom Steyer and financier George Soros, plowed millions into Democratic-aligned super PACs last month.

That’s not the kind of president the American people want: someone who is bought and sold by nebulous figures like Soros. Will Hillary have the interests of minorities and women if she gains the White House, while she’s in that man’s pocket?

Of course not.

The race is far from over and we’ve yet to have the first debate. With polls giving wildly differing results, and the media giving less than reliable facts, we’ll just have to wait and see come November.

Source: USA Today

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