WHOA: The Clinton-Trump Medical Battle HEATS UP…No One Expected THIS!

Clinton supporters are trying to regain the upper hand by changing the focus of speculation onto Donald Trump’s health rather than Hillary’s. It’s not working very well for obvious reasons: Trump and Hillary are roughly the same age but he is clearly more energetic.

However, Trump played along and went on a highly rated TV show to discuss his physical fitness. This forced Team Hillary to try to outmaneuver the GOP candidate, but it didn’t go according to plan.

Ed Morrissey reports:

Maybe today is Transparency Day. After Donald Trump ended up disclosing at least some of his health assessment on The Dr. Oz Show today, Hillary Clinton has followed suite with partial disclosure. Most of this is rehashed from previous sunny statements, none of which presaged Hillary’s collapse on Sunday. (…)

The letter went into detail about the pneumonia diagnosis, which so far backs up Team Hillary’s insistence that they discovered it on Friday. But here’s a question — if it hadn’t been for Hillary’s collapse on Sunday and the campaign’s need to explain it, would it have been included at all? And here’s a corollary to that it: How many people will actually believe anything written in this letter, after the serial lies told by the campaign about Hillary’s health on Sunday?

Even MSNBC’s medical analyst Dr. John Torres isn’t completely satisfied with the data released at this point. (…) “I think we need a little deeper understanding of what happened there,” Torres says. Will the more robust information they promise to release address those concerns? Don’t bet on it.

Meanwhile, during his hour long conversation with Dr. Oz, Trump said he would like to lose about 15 or 20 pounds. Expect to see lots of “fat Trump” memes on social media and jokes about his weight on late night comedy shows, and far fewer gags about Hillary Clinton’s more pressing health issues.

Credit: Hot Air

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