Hillary’s VEEP Shortlist Just Got Leaked…It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine!

American vice presidents are often chosen to share the ticket for tactical reasons, such as how many votes they might attract if they come from a particular state, or because they contrast with the presidential candidate due to age and experience.

But as the saying goes, American vice presidents are in fact “a heartbeat away” from the White House. Ideally they also share the president’s vision, since they might have to carry it out in their absence.

Hillary Clinton seems to have put her vice presidential shortlist together with that possibility in mind. Anyone terrified by the thought of having another Clinton back in the White House won’t be reassured by the names she’s just released:

At the top of that list was Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a “Democratic socialist” in the vein of failed presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, who would attack Wall Street, the banks, and capitalism itself in a bid to advance her progressive agenda of changing America into a socialist Mecca.

Next on the shortlist was Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, the former governor of the state and mayor of Richmond who chaired the Democrat National Committee in the early years of President Barack Obama’s tenure in office.

Kaine is strongly in favor of open borders, increased immigration from dangerous parts of the world, and imposing strict gun control on law-abiding gun owners.

Rounding out the top three on the list was Obama’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, another strong advocate of open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants, who has used his position in the administration to advance the progressive agenda of using racial grievances to force government-mandated equality in all things housing-related. (…)

Warren, as a Sanders-esque progressive socialist, could help bring some disillusioned Sanders supporters into Hillary’s camp. Kaine, who is generally a likable person, could help chip away at presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s hold on white male voters in the crucial swing state of Virginia. Castro, as a rising Hispanic activist in the Democrat Party, could help rally the Latino vote to Clinton’s side in the general election.

Also making the list for similar strategic and ideological reasons were Obama’s Labor Secretary Tom Perez, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, and California Rep. Xavier Beccera, according to CNN.

Hillary isn’t going to win Texas and doesn’t likely need help with Latinos, plus running with a guy named Castro would be…unfortunate. Kaine is pro-life and would hurt with women more than he would help in Virginia. Warren is loved by the far left and can go toe-to-toe with Trump, but is hated by the big banks and Wall Street who are funding her campaign. None of these choices make a lot of strategic sense. Dark horse?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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