Brutal: The Clintons Just Got Stabbed In The Back…They’ll Never Recover From This!

With the historic win of Donald Trump to the White House—not to mention the majority the GOP will enjoy in Congress—it’s safe to say that the Democratic Party is losing.

Over the last few months since the election, liberals have tried to come up with answers as to why they lost so big. They have blamed everything, from “racist and sexist” voters, to Russia, to Wikileaks, to even FBI Director James Comey. Everyone but themselves.

It seems they are unwilling to recognize that the platform of modern liberals is far too radical and un-American to appeal to the majority of the voting public.

Even now they are unwilling to acknowledge that they’re so far gone, they’ve alienated millions of Americans. They are blaming the loss of Clinton’s “out-dated” stance, rather than the radical views the party have taken as a whole.

So now the media lapdog who did all they could for Hillary is now pulling the rug out from under her, turning their back for good on the Clinton dynasty.

From Breitbart:

Politico Senior Writer Todd S. Purdum writes: “With Hillary Clinton’s loss, Democrats are burying a once-winning way of politics.”

From Politico:

By 2016, spurred by anger at Wall Street, and at Washington gridlock and business as usual, the Democratic Party had moved well to the left of the one Bill Clinton had inherited in 1992. And while Hillary Clinton recognized the change intellectually, she seemed unable to catch up to the practical realities of its political implications for her campaign…

“Part of the problem is that there have just been lots and lots of changes in America in the past 25 years,” says Elaine Kamarck, who was a senior domestic policy adviser in Bill Clinton’s White House and is now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. “There were just a lot of cultural issues that were relevant for Bill that were gone by the time Hillary’s campaign came along, because by and large they’d been resolved or defused.”

What Purdum is writing is just another excuse for Hillary’s loss. He is saying that she couldn’t not win over her own party because it’s become far more liberal than she is willing to be. That the issues most important to the left were not reflecting in Clinton, because she largely represents a party of the past.

Wrong. She and the democrats lost this election because they are far too liberal. Obama’s America has seen the rise of gay marriage, wide accept of transgender issues, a weak stance against Islamic terrorism, and a litany of other social justice causes.

Americans are sick of social justice warriors, radical liberals, and Black Lives Matter supporters screaming at them on TV. They are sick of what Obama and his batch of progressives have tried to turn this nation into.

Hillary Clinton may not be act progressive as the modern left, but she still represented a continued course down that path. She had the support of her party; it was regular Americans she could not win over. In electing Trump, Americans are rejecting Obama’s vision of America, i.e.: an America that operates like Socialist Europe.

Make no mistake, unless Democrats reform, rejecting the most radical and Socialist aspects of their platform, they will continue to lose. If they are crazy enough to select Elizabeth Warren or Keith Ellison as their leaders—two of the worst—they will have no hope in 2020 or any year to follow.

Source: Breitbart

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