BUSTED: CNN’s Caught RED-Handed…PROVES They Are Protecting Black Lives Matters TERRORISTS!

CNN’s tanking ratings are making news, with critics calling the cable giant the “Clinton News Network.” But CNN isn’t just in the tank for Hillary — it turns out they’re also running interference for Black Lives Matter and rioters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It sounds incredible but it’s true. CNN ran footage of a sister of Sylville Smith, the felon whose shooting at the hands of police led to arson and unrest. However, the broadcaster actually edited this agitator’s words to make her sound like the second coming of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Matt Palumbo reports:

Yesterday, we reported on some rather strong comments from one of the sisters of Sylville Smith, the 23-year-old man whose death last Saturday has sparked riots in Milwaukee. She started out by stating “At the end of the day, acting out ain’t gonna solve it. Ain’t gonna solve nothing for Sylville. The city went crazy (Saturday) night over Syville. We tired of it. We tired. Burning down s**t ain’t gonna help nothin’!”

Correct… Except she didn’t stop there. “You’re burning down s**t we need in our community. Take that s**t to the suburbs! Burn that s**t down!” (…)

Both on their website and televised on CNN Newsroom Monday, CNN described Sherelle Smith as “calling for peace.”

Fortunately, viewers noticed and called out CNN on social media. But how many Americans will never see those tweets and once again swallow the manipulated liberal narrative. It’s the kind of media malpractice that can even tip election results.

Source: Allen West

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