BUSTED: What CNN Said About Donald Trump Was a LIE…And Now They Have Been Caught RED HANDED!

If you can’t tell the liberal media is running scared because of Donald Trump, this story will put that straight.

Since his announcement to run for president a year ago, Trump has defied the odds, becoming the GOP nominee.

The liberal news hates this, because they know he will win. So they’ve tried to attack him on every front (and we mean EVERY front), while ignoring blatant crimes done by Hillary Clinton.

Every tactic they’ve thrown at Trump has failed. Ironically all the media attention has made Trump more popular among the American people. They know a winner when they see one.

The biggest news on the Trump front this week has been his eviscerating speech exposing Hillary Clinton’s diabolical corruption. He quoted from Clinton Cash, a book that delves into just how despicable Bill and Hillary have been.

Of course the media tried to tear his speech apart. But in all their fervor to take him down, they ignored one important thing: the facts.

Via Breitbart:

In a segment that was billed as CNN’s “fact check” of Donald Trump’s anti-Hillary speech, CNN gave a demonstrably false presentation of U.S. immigration policy in an effort to undermine Trump’s factually correct statements.

The segment was remarkable in that it not only revealed CNN’s profound ignorance of federal immigration policy, but an examination of the segment’s transcript also reveals that CNN ignored and blatantly distorted what Trump had actually said.

It’s shocking, really. CNN has so little regard for their viewers, they don’t mind blatantly lying to them. We know that the liberal media lie all the time, but this one, with such obvious dismissal of the facts, proves that CNN doesn’t even expect their viewers to follow up on what they say.

“Just swallow up the garbage, folks. Don’t bother holding us accountable for what we say. You’re too stupid to open a book or check online.” That seems to be the attitude CNN is expressing towards their viewer base.

First and most glaringly, Foreman distorts Trump’s statement to change its meaning. Trump did not say that Clinton would admit hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Rather, Trump said that under Clinton’s plan the U.S. “would admit hundreds of thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on Earth.”  [emphasis added].

The fallacies continued, as CNN’s Tom Foreman got Clinton’s own plans wrong. He ignored statistics given by Obama’s own FBI and DNI directors that back Trump’s statement. And although he acknowledged some of what Trump said, Foreman tried to spin it to distort its meaning.

This embarrassing segment went beyond just a few mistakes. CNN was intentionally distorting Trump’s words and obfuscating the facts. It is an indictment on that corrupt and pathetic news organization.

They should make a public apology and retraction, or else they should lose support from their viewers.

Source: Breitbart

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