CNN Reports ‘Fake News’ On NYC Terror – Gets Instant Karma On Live TV

I think we can all agree by now that CNN is the very worst of the liberal media. So obsessed are they to slander the President, conservatives, and our values, they have stoop to the very depths of deception and corruption. The only question is why anyone still watches them.

Their hypocrisy was on display when they covered yesterday’s terrible terrorist attack in New York. Even though it was quickly determined the attack was committed by a radical, Islamic terrorist, CNN–for some reason–danced around the fact.

Witnesses clearly heard the killer shout “Allahu Akbar.” That was a widely-reported fact. How did CNN report it?

Yeah, that’s not what witnesses said. They said he shouted “Allahu Akbar.” Why would CNN change it for their audiences? To subtly mask the fact that this was an Islamic attack. Once again, they are altering facts to shield their audience from the truth.

But people aren’t being fooled. And soon after their pathetic display, they were treated with a dose of reality.

From Breitbart:

Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” a man attempted to interrupt a live shot by expressing his dissatisfaction with the network.

“CNN is fake news,” the man said.

The show was airing live in Lower Manhattan near the site of an apparent terror attack earlier in the day that killed eight and injured 11.

Ouch. I guess people wouldn’t feel compelled to shout that, if CNN was doing actual news. But time and again, the Communist News Network feels compelled to lie about facts or distort the truth to fit their narrative.

When everyone else was covering the story in a more or less honest light, CNN had to alter things to virtue signal. They didn’t want to seem “Islamophobic” so they translated the phrase to sound less damaging. But the only ones damaged were the hacks at CNN.

Listen, CNN, we don’t trust you anymore. But you understand why, right? Stop lying to your audience. Stop distorting facts. Or else more people will be compelled to embarrass you on live TV.

Source: Breitbart

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