CONFIRMED: CNN Rigging Polls…Intentionally MANIPULATED Sample To Sell THIS Lie!

It’s a sad commentary on the state of the American media that this story barely qualifies as “news.” This year, CNN earned its nickname, the “Clinton News Network,” with its blatantly biased coverage of the Democratic contender for the White House. However, the once-mighty cable giant has hit a new low.

The morning after the second presidential debate, most conservatives (and even some liberals) declared Trump the winner. His quick “you’d be in jail” comeback went viral, while nothing Clinton said was memorable. Those same people were probably startled when a poll showed Hillary to be the decisive winner — until they realized that the poll had originated from CNN.

Now the truth has emerged:

CNN was forced to rig its own poll yet again in order to claim that Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate, despite the overwhelming consensus that Donald Trump scored a clear victory.

A CNN/ORC poll of debate watchers released last night, which sampled just 537 respondents, found that 57% thought Clinton won the debate while 34% thought Trump was victorious.

However, despite not yet releasing its full methodology, CNN reported that 58% of the respondents were Democrats. This does not mean that 42% were Republicans, since the 42% figure also includes independents.

Paul Joseph Watson goes on to point out that CNN was caught doing the same thing after the first post-debate poll, and thought they could get away with it again.

These results fly in the face of those polled by Frank Lutz, whose focus group participants underwent a sea change in favor of Trump after Sunday’s debate, with many switching their allegiance from Hillary to “the Donald.”

Source: InfoWars

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