When CNN Tries To CONVERT Black Trump Backer…It BLOWS Up In Their Faces! [WATCH]

Is there anything more pathetic, not to say downright infuriating, than watching a white liberal patronize a member of the black community who doesn’t “stick with the narrative”?

One of Trump’s many African-American supporters — one of his diversity leaders in fact — appeared on CNN to talk about “officer involved shootings,” the stress police officers are under, and the increase in crime, particularly in the black community.

Here’s part of their priceless exchange:

Cuomo: ‘Will it help him get black voters by saying falsely that “the black community is in the worst shape ever, ever, ever?”‘

Kyei: ‘A lot of black people are doing well in this society, but unfortunately, we do have that 25% that are living in abject poverty. I’m from Chicago where there have been almost 3000 deaths — shooting in Chicago this year alone. Mr. Cuomo, many people are out there eating poverty and drinking hopelessness, because those jobs that were promised 8 years ago and 4 years ago under Democratic rule never came.

She added, ‘I’ve voted Democrat for 20 years and nothing has changed.’

At least the “Clinton News Network” allowed this woman to make her point, although not without Cuomo practically patting her on the head, praising her for “painting the picture very well.”

Everyone should listen to Kyei’s full comments. She would make a better go-to representative of the African-American community than the usual dubious media suspects.

Source: Clash Daily

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