CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Makes Disgraceful Connection Between Barcelona and C-ville—Is It OVER For Him?

If a major story breaks and you head on over to CNN to see what’s going on, you’ll quickly realize that you just made a mistake of epic proportions.

While the general gist of what happened will be swirling around, the major news will serve as a mere backdrop as the network’s ‘reporters’ push the overall liberal narrative.

That was on full display yesterday when the frightening terror attack in Barcelona came to light, and it was nothing short of stomach churning.

The Daily Caller passes along the scoop on that.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer speculated on air Thursday the terror attack in Barcelona might be a “copycat” of the Charlottesville attack.

“There will be questions about copycats. Questions, if what happened in Barcelona, was at all, at all, a copycat version of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia,” Blitzer said. “Even though they may be different characters and different political ambitions, they use the same killing device. A vehicle going at high speed a group, a large group, of pedestrians.”

Really? Who heard this story break and had thoughts of ‘Charlottesville copycat’ spring to mind? Outside of Blitzer and his cronies, we’ll venture to guess not a lot.

The Barcelona attack is the latest in a long string of attacks all over Europe in which someone drives a car or truck over a group of people. In Charlottesville Saturday, a white supremacist ran over a group of counter-protesters and killed one woman.

CNN has been on a downhill slope for many years, but any semblance of journalistic standards or integrity have been trampled into dust in the Trump era.

Even when armed with that knowledge, one would assume that the partisan hats could be put away for a story that’s of major significance to the world as a whole.

Is there no voice of reason behind the scenes at CNN? Does not one single person employed by that network have thoughts of ‘Hey, this is really important. Let’s tone down the rhetoric until we know what’s going on?’   

Apparently not, and that’s just downright unfathomable. That must be some incredibly strong Kool-aid their serving in the CNN cafeteria, as it’s hard to fathom how Blitzer and others can have such a shoddy filter when it comes time to deliver their daily talking points.  

While it would be lovely to see the network learn how to tone it down at times – at least a little – we won’t hold our breath. It’s becoming quite clear that CNN doesn’t really give a damn about anything other than pushing forward the liberal agenda.
Source: The Daily Caller

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