Coastal Elites Make Disrespectful Stance…IGNORING Trump On THIS!

Law enforcement bucking the law?

What kind of message does that even send? Why would anyone respect a man as an officer of the law when he won’t even follow the rules himself?

What is happening to our country, where people think they can pick and choose the laws they want to follow?

Sorry — so many questions, I know. But really, this is out of control, this situation in particular where an LAPD officer openly admits to caring less for the authority Trump has.

Here’s a case in point, out of Red State.

“The Los Angeles Police Department will not make any moves to enforce any immigration laws put forth by Trump, per the orders of their chief,” the news blog reported.

Yes, that’s exactly what LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said just this week – that his department, under his command, will outright ignore any new laws and rules regarding immigration crackdowns coming from the new administration, and instead take up legal matters in their own hands.

Trump, of course, swept into executive office based on promises to tighten borders and bolster national security. But Beck?

“I don’t intent on doing anything different,” Beck said, the L.A. Times reported. “We are not going to engage in law enforcement activities solely based on somebody’s immigration status. We are not going to work in conjunction with Homeland Security on deportation efforts.”

Not my job, he says.

And oh, yeah: Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, one of several in the nation Trump said would lose federal funding unless officials comply with immigration law and lose the sanctuary status.

So Beck’s job, apparently, is not only to disobey the commander-in-chief and federal law, but also to put citizens in his city in danger? That’s the liberal logic: Personal agenda, at all costs.

Source: Red State, L.A. Times

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