ON FIRE: Another HUGE Company Adds Jobs In US…Trump SCORES Again!

The Trump Effect continues!

It started with Carrier, and continued as other big name companies announced that they’d be building plants and creating jobs in the U.S., due to the election of “The Donald,” with his plan to make American great again.

The latest company to jump on the Trump train is one of the biggest names yet, and the kinds of jobs it provides are exceptional. However, what stands out is that Trump has been publicly criticizing this company, not just courting them. Despite (or because) of that, they’ve put another “win” in the president-elect’s column.

Trump played hardball recently with one of America’s biggest contractors, and their response has America cheering:

The Star-Telegram reports:

Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson emerged from a meeting with President-elect Donald Trump Friday pledging to bring down the cost of the F-35 Lightning II and promising to hire more than 1,800 additional workers in Fort Worth.

Her comments were the latest in a dogfight initiated by Trump, who has questioned the F-35’s costs and capabilities. Last month he went on Twitter to say that the stealth fighter program was “out of control” and threatening to seek a new bid for a comparable F-18 Hornet built by Boeing as an alternative.

“We had the opportunity to talk to him about the F-35 program and I certainly share his views that we need to get the best capability to our men and women in uniform and we have to get it at the lowest possible price,” Hewson told the press standing in the lobby of the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Hewson added that those 1,800 jobs have a trickle down effect on the supply chain, which will add up to thousands more related jobs across country.

Just think: these are only the deals we’re hearing about. Surely others have been made in Trump Tower since election day that are still confidential.

Bet on Trump making his inauguration extra special by announcing another one (or two or three) of these great deals.

Source: Star-Telegram

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