CONFIRMED: Electoral College Casts Its Final Verdict! The Winner Is…

Donald Trump’s road to the Presidency has been as hard as it has been long, and the journey—surprisingly—did not seem to end after Election Day on November 8th.

Instead liberals staged widespread protests and campaigns to deny Donald Trump votes in the Electoral College he had won fair and square.  This would have been firmly denounced by the media if Republicans did this to a victorious Hillary Clinton, or it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.  But for liberals, the ends always justify the means.

So the Electoral College met through the course of the day, casting their ballots on behalf of the will of the people.  For all the attempts to thwart the will of the people, The Hill reports the final results:
Texas put Trump over the 270 electoral vote threshold at about 5:30 Eastern Time, putting him at 304 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 163, according to news reports across the various states. That’s a slight deviation from the results in the 46 states that have already cast their official Electoral College votes.

Trump won 306 electoral votes on Election Day to Clinton’s 232. And while electors are not constitutionally bound to adhere to that vote, en masse defections haven’t been seen in more than 100 years.
Protests and pressure from liberals have focused on trying to push Republican electors to change their vote — so far to no avail.
One elector in Minnesota attempted to vote for no Vermont Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, but the state invalidated his vote and swore in an alternate, who voted along with the rest of the electors to deliver all of the 10 electoral votes to Clinton. A similar situation occurred in Colorado and Maine.

Source: The Hill

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