WHOA! Challenger CONFRONTS Paul Ryan…Is He Secretly Working For Hillary?

Paul Nehlen: It’s a name to remember. He’s the primary challenger trying to unseat Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, and he’s done so by being outspoken and daring. His supporters have confronted Ryan at the Speaker’s own doorstep, denouncing him as soft on immigration and amnesty, for instance.

Now Nehlen has upped the war of words, and issued a challenge to Ryan that the former Vice Presidential candidate will have to respond to.

Ian Hanchett of Breitbart reports that on CNN this week, Nehlen sarcastically told host Don Lemon that Ryan “should be reporting in-kind contributions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign” because he’s been “working against Donald Trump every opportunity he gets”:

Nehlen said Ryan has “never worked as hard for Wisconsin or American workers as he has for his corporate donors.”

“Paul Ryan wants to talk about anything other than his policies. We need to have a debate here in Wisconsin in front of Wisconsinites on this trade deal. It’s a terrible trade deal. I can quote it chapter and verse. Paul Ryan whipped the votes to fast track Trade Promotion Authority and that is going to kill the living wage, that is going to kill the family wage, that’s going to kill the middle class.”

Nehlen added, “[W]hen did Speaker Ryan ever attack Mr. Obama or Hillary Clinton on any of her policies the way he’s attacking Donald Trump right now? He should be trying to unify this party. That is his role. He is the top elected Republican in the country right now. Shouldn’t he be focused on supporting Mr. Trump, and figuring out how he can partner with him?”

It looks like Paul Nehlen has taking a lesson or two from Donald Trump on how to campaign: Be blunt, and forget about “focus group” approved sound bites and platitudes. Even if he doesn’t defeat Ryan, it’s likely that won’t be the last Americans will hear of him.

Credit: Breitbart

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