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WHOA! Horrible Congress Critter Threatens Suicide If THIS Candidate Wins…Tough Choice [VIDEO]
By PJ Editor|April 19, 2016

Mark Twain once said Congress may be America’s only ‘distinct criminal class’, but even among the liars, cheats, drunks and thugs that make up the members of the United States House of Representatives, there is one character who stands above the rest.

Not only is he vicious, angry and arrogant, he actively supports the IRA terrorists and has referred to the British government as a “murder machine”.

He supports torture, he sees no limit on the power of the state and has actively supported even the most aggressive and egregious violations of the Constitution and the freedom of the American people since 9/11.

He is loathed by his colleagues and regularly put forward by the left-wing media because he paints every Republican as being as mean and stupid as he is.

He is Peter King, Representative from the 2nd Congressional District of New York.

No matter how you may feel about Ted Cruz, if King were serious about this offer, I would be tempted to Send ol’ Ted a donation.

Watch the video below…

PJ Editor
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