DAMN! Congress Just Dropped The HAMMER On Hillary…Gives Her Until Friday To…

Given the all-out hysteria, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the only important events right now center around Donald Trump’s “controversial” overhauling of America’s immigration and refugee system. The hysteria is deafening, the misinformation is flying, and in the process, other important developments are being ignored. One in particular will have Trump supporters cheering.

While Hillary Clinton is still a long way from being “locked up,” it’s possible that her punishment may have just gotten a little closer. The media, which still serves as the Clintons’ unofficial public relations arm, won’t be screaming this next story from the rooftops, however:

Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has demanded that the FBI turn over all of Hillary’s emails, which were stored on a backup server.

Here is the document in full:


One commentator speculates:

I don’t think Trump will be very active in this process, instead letting his new AG (Sessions) trailblaze a path to prison for Hillary. After all, what’s the point of draining the swamp when the biggest swamp creature is walking around on land enjoying the fruits of her malovolent deeds?

The FBI can’t stall on such an order forever. Sooner or later, Congress and the rest of America will find out how many classified documents the Secretary of State was recklessly storing on that insecure server, in violation of numerous laws.

How could a woman so unconcerned about national security even think she had the “right” to be president of the United States? America certainly dodged a disaster when they chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

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