DAMN! Congress Just Hammered James Comey—Now He’s Running Scared

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump kicked FBI director James Comey to the curb and the media had a total meltdown.

If you listened to the media spin its web, this was a clear sign that Trump was undoubtedly guilty for all of the phantom collusion charges with Russia that they were pontificating endlessly about.

Fast forward to today, and the mainstream media has all but given up on the nonsense narrative, with the notable exception of a few media personalities that refuse to let it go.

As it often does, distance has provided us with a ton of perspective on Comey’s firing. While unbiased observers knew full well that the commander-in-chief was completely justified in kicking Comey to the curb, many others are beginning to come around to that line of thinking as well.

Quite simply, Comey was directly responsible for a comedy of errors over the past year or so. He completely botched his handling of the alleged investigation into the Hillary Clinton fiasco, and he made himself the story more times than we can count.

Whether the investigation was botched due to forces behind the scenes is irrelevant. Comey was the public face of it, and his bumbling attempts at explaining himself consisted of him standing in front of a microphone like a deer trapped in the headlights while making nonsensical points.

That’s just one example of many of Comey’s shortcomings, but it’s among the more glaring.

Fast forward to the time after he was fired, and it’s been revealed that he’s leaked information to the press via a colleague to attempt to clear his own name.

That’s unbelievably outrageous, and Comey has yet to answer for that and a whole host of other things.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) would like him to do just that, and he outlined the new reasons why during a recent appearance on Fox News.

The Daily Caller shares what he had to say.    

“There is sufficient factual basis to bring him in and ask him, ‘When did you make up your mind that you weren’t going to charge Secretary Clinton?’ I can tell you because I’ve seen with my own eyes he made up his mind before he interviewed her,” Gowdy told Fox News. “How far back, whether it was two weeks or two months, quite frankly is immaterial to me. He did it before he interviewed the last witness.”

New information suggests that Comey had essentially formulated his opinion on the Clinton investigation before it was even close to being wrapped up. If so, why? If his hand was being forced, who forced it?

Now that he’s got plenty of time on his hands and is so interested in clearing his own name, it shouldn’t be so hard for him to answer.

“If there’s anything that’s axiomatic in investigations it’s that you don’t make up your mind until you interview the last witness. It is beyond dispute that he made up his mind not to charge Secretary Clinton before he interviewed her. There’s no question about that. What my friends in the Senate have uncovered is he may well have made up his mind before he interviewed the last dozen witnesses,” Gowdy said.

There have long been whispers that the Clinton investigation wasn’t on the up and up, and the new revelations just add more fuel to the fire.

While Gowdy has stopped short of directly accusing Comey of wrongdoing, he’s reasonably asking for Comey to reappear before Congress to answer for his actions.

“Alleging criminal violations is very serious which is why I don’t do it. Press secretaries don’t get to make that call. Members of Congress don’t get to make that call. Reporters don’t get to make that call. That’s an executive branch function after an investigation, a charging decision is made by a career prosecutor,” he said. “If it’s that clean and clear I’m sure she [Sanders] referred it to the Department of Justice.”

“How in the world my fellow citizens can have confidence in an investigation where you reached a conclusion before you even gather all the facts and all the evidence is stunning,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy hit the nail on the head. There’s no way that there can be any confidence in the investigation with all of the new revelations swirling about.

If we turn the tables for a moment and replace the word ‘Clinton’ with ‘Russia,’ you can be sure that the media and leaders on the left would be lighting their hair on fire right about now.

It’s time to put the double standard to bed. If there’s nothing to see here, then so be it.

Supposing that’s the case, why wouldn’t anyone in their right mind want to reassure the American people once and for all?



Source: The Daily Caller

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