Ann Coulter Drops TRUTH BOMB On TRAITOR Republicans…Exposes Why They’re Voting Hillary!

Republicans ran from Donald Trump when news of his 2005 comments about women surfaced on video—but the reason they fled may not have been because of their professed outrage at the lewdness of remarks
after all.

Rather, columnist and author Ann Coulter has another view.

And it’s one that cuts to the chase, casts aside the clutter, and exposes the underlying reasons—the unstated truths of how hypocritical those in politics really are.

Yes I’m Right has the run-down: “Republicans withdrew support, as they succumbed to the vapors and grasped for their fainting couches … However, there is an underlying cause for this issue and it’s not being talked about.”

Not being talked about by anyone but Coulter, that is.

And without further fanfare: “[I]t’s absolutely the elephant in the room known as illegal immigration. Hillary is in favor of open borders, as evidenced by her speech to Goldman Sachs, and Republicans across the country are jumping ship because they’ve realized that their interests also align with Hillary’s ilk,” reported Yes I’m Right.

True enough.

Coulter, in a radio conversation with Howie Carr, pointed to all the hypocrisies of the Republicans who turned up their noses at Trump’s remarks about women, and said if it weren’t for the billionaire
businessman’s continuous calls for tight border controls, they would still be standing by his side. Coulter also called out the left, for standing by
Democrats, like Bill Clinton, who’ve been accused of much more than Trump – of basically acting out what Trump only spoke.

“There is a clear evil in this election,” Yes I’m Right reported, “and her name is Hillary Clinton. End of story.”

Source: Yes I’m Right

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