COVER-UP: Hot Mic Catches CNN In The Act! Hillary’s Debate Was SO BAD They…

The mainstream media has no shame.

It’s not as if Americans aren’t aware the MSM is pulling for the Democrats, shilling for Hillary Clinton. But the depth of its bias is still sometimes shocking, even for those on top of the media-driven shenanigans.

Yes I’m Right has some interesting tidbits about that so-called independent and open-minded bunch of “undecideds” who were polled about the issues of top importance for the presidential candidates to field in the recent St. Louis debate.

During the event, the debate host was supposed to turn the microphone over to the audience member to ask a question of the candidates.

“However,” Yes I’m Right reported, “as the feed went live a few moments before it was supposed to, you can clearly hear the host telling a woman in the audience what exactly to say, with the woman nodding, almost confirming that she got the order.”

Several times during the course of the town hall debate, the CNN hosts made clear the group of questioners were completely independent, and had not yet made up their minds about their candidates.

But video feed seems to show otherwise.

“You can clearly hear the host whispering the lines, ‘America’s great because we’re good,’ before going live, where the focus gruop member, who may as well be a hired plant at this point, just recites the exact lines she’s told,” Yes I’m Right reported.

Source: Yes I’m Right

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