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Stunned Cruz FAILING In This Key State…Trump Winning Delegate Fight
By PJ Editor|April 22, 2016

In state after state Ted Cruz has been lauded for his ground game and his ability to organize for the trench warfare of the delegate fight.

For those of you who don’t know, voting for a preferred candidate is only the first step. Once that is done, the hard work of choosing the people who will represent voters actually begins.

This is where Team Cruz has been most successful, but they seem to have run into a brick wall when they need it most. Hot Air picks up the story…

The reason Pennsylvania is potentially critical is because Trump’s expected to finish the primaries with somewhere between 1,100 and 1,237 delegates. If he finishes with, say, 1,200, all that stands between him and the nomination is convincing 37 of the 54 unbound members of Pennsylvania’s delegation to tilt his way. But that’s a huge advantage for Cruz: He’s the one, after all, who’s been running circles around Trump organizationally when it comes to getting his delegates elected in state votes.

But here is the rub…

There are more candidates who support Trump (34) than there are who support Cruz. On top of that, 58 candidates say they’ll support whoever wins the popular vote in their district — which is likely to be Trump in most cases — and another five say they’ll support the statewide winner, which is also almost certain to be Trump. (There are 27 who are uncommitted.) That is to say, out of 125 candidates who’ve said how they plan to vote, nearly 80 percent of them are potential Trumpers, and unlike in previous state elections, Trump’s getting some help from local pols in Pennsylvania in organizing.

So in a state that Cruz desperately needs to pick up as many delegates as possible, Trump appears to have the advantage on the ground. This is a massive failure for Cruz and a huge boon to Trump.

Source: Hot Air

PJ Editor
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