WOW! How Cruz Is ‘Winning From Behind”…Trump Fans WON’T Be Happy!

Anyone who’s turned on a TV in recent months will know that GOP candidate Donald Trump is leading the pack handily.

His closest rival however, Ted Cruz, is still fighting, hoping against hope that a last minute surge of support will deprive Trump of needed delegates, leading to a brokered convention where anything can happen.

He’s playing a very specific game of politics, putting all his effort in states that will benefit him the most.  Instead of campaigning in New York, an all but certain win for his opponent, Cruz is focusing on California, Indiana and Nebraska.

As The Washington Post reports:

It is a strategy born of necessity for the senator from Texas, who now acknowledges that his best path to the nomination is through a contested convention decided by thousands of little-known activists. With polls showing Cruz running well behind Trump in New York and five other northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states voting in the next two weeks, the pressure for him to make gains elsewhere is intensifying.

It’s hard not to sympathize with Cruz. A long time Republican, with goodwill from voters and a fine tract-record, Cruz deserves more than to just be a spoiler for Trump.

It’s clear the GOP establishment is just using Cruz to prevent a sure win for the business mogul. But shouldn’t a long-time supporter of Conservative politics be treated better?

Cruz is in difficult position. No one can deny he wants the nod. But to overcome Trump’s vast lead is daunting, some might say impossible.

If Cruz can secure enough delegates and rob Trump of the magic 1237 needed, he’s a step closer to getting the nomination himself. But there’s no guarantee that a brokered convention will mean a Cruz nomination. So the Texan is relegated to an awkward strategy that might not pan out.

If no candidate gets to 1,237 votes on the first ballot in Cleveland, more and more delegates will be freed up to support whomever they like on subsequent ballots. According to a Washington Post analysis, Cruz is already poised to pick up as many as 170 delegates on the second ballot — a number that could make it impossible for Trump to win.

So Cruz is banking on the subsequent voting, where delegates may or may not sway his way.

But is that what we want? Months of expensive campaigning, debates, rhetoric and voting will be made invalid, and we will have to endure another round ballot-casting.

One that will be under the gun, because time has run out.

Source: (Washington Post)

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