DACA Illegals Are Trying To RUIN Thanksgiving – Look What They Did To Republicans

Let’s make it clear. DACA was an Obama-era scam to let illegals into the country. He didn’t require immigrants to follow our laws. He rewarded people who broke the law. Now it looks like DACA will be revoke. And illegal immigrants are outraged.

DACA recipients don’t have much hope. President Trump has vowed to end illegal immigration. His supporters and strongly opposed to DACA. Democrats who want to protect the program don’t have the votes.

So what do these illegals decide to do? They go on a hunger strike.

Uh, what?

From Breitbart:

Illegal aliens shielded from deportation under the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are staging a hunger strike in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

The group of illegal aliens from New Jersey have promised to not eat until Thanksgiving, according to WNYC, while they lobby Republican members of Congress to pass an amnesty for the nearly 800,000 DACA recipients in the U.S.

“I’m sitting here looking at my last meal and trying to imagine what my meals would be like if I was sent back to Mexico,” DACA illegal alien Adriana Delgado told WNYC.

“People think that I’m crazy for doing this hunger strike but I’m willing to suffer for three days if it means not suffering for a lifetime,” Delgado continued. “There will be thousands of families who will have broken dinner tables if nothing is done.”

The group of illegal aliens is demanding an unconditional amnesty that permanently allows all DACA recipients to remain in the United States and puts them on a pathway to citizenship, when they can eventually bring their foreign relatives to the U.S. as well.

It’s incredible to think how entitled these people are. They admit they came to the U.S illegally. Yet they want to receive special treatment. You have liberals like Obama for that kind of bizarre thinking.

I’m not sure what they hope to accomplish with this strike. It’s not like it’s going to hurt lawmakers. They are trying to decide either to uphold U.S. law or reward criminals. Do they thinking not eating is going to make a difference?

DACA illegal aliens have been lied to. Obama made them think they could get away with breaking U.S. law. It’s painful to think they will be deported to Mexico. But a country with no borders is no country at all. You cannot punish American citizens to help those who came here illegally.

It’s funny how they’re fasting until Thanksgiving. If they really wanted to send a message, they should have boycotted the biggest eating day in America. I guess they don’t understand this country at all.

Source: Breitbart

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