Daredevil Climbs Trump Tower…Now We Know Why! – WOW

Yesterday a mystery daredevil attempted to climb Trump Tower in New York as the nation looked on.

People marveled at the feat even as they wondered what would inspire such an act and who the crazed stuntman could possibly be!

Now we know the truth behind the effort as well as his identity and it is definitely not what we were expecting!

Political Insider has the story…

Until now, we weren’t sure why he was doing it. Now a video has leaked that might be from the climber explaining his motivations.

A video showing a young man explaining why he climbed Trump Tower was sent to Business Insider via an email tip shortly after we published an article on the Trump Tower climber.

The video was posted by Youtube user Leven Thumps on August 9. It had just under 5,000 views on Wednesday evening.

In the video, the man said that he was an “independent researcher” who was climbing Trump Tower to “seek an audience with Mr. Trump.”

Social media users have called the suction-cup climber “Steve from Virginia,” but it’s not immediately clear whether the man pictured in the Youtube video is the man currently climbing the Trump Tower.

The man ended the video encouraging viewers to “get out and vote for Trump.”

Some Trump super fans will apparently do whatever it takes to get an audience with The Donald!

Source: Political Insider

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