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EXPOSED: DC Madam Lawyer Will Reveal This 1 Secret Record…And RUIN A Presidential Campaign
By PJ Editor|April 4, 2016

EXPOSED: DC Madam Lawyer Will Reveal This 1 Secret Record…And RUIN A Presidential Campaign

Deborah Palfrey was the madam to DC’s rich and powerful for years. After she was busted and convicted she took her own life, but she left a raft of records that the court has kept out of the public eye.

However, due to the upcoming election, the dead madam’s lawyer is now threatening to spill the beans, claiming that it is necessary ahead of the presidential race.

From Mediaite:

All she had was phone records and those that were released made for good news fodder but couldn’t save her from a possible prison sentence of over 50 years. She killed herself in 2008.

But there are some records that weren’t released. A court order has barred Palfrey’s former lawyer and the current custodian of the records, Montgomery Blair Sibley, from releasing those mysterious records, but Sibley has been hinting lately that he just might defy the gag order.

What does this have to do with the election?

Sibley has now appealed that rejection in an appeals court and filed a motion with the United States Supreme Court because, in his words, “time is of the essence” when it comes to releasing phone numbers that have a particular bearing on the upcoming election.

His motion with the Supreme Court reads, “Expedited resolution of this Application is incumbent upon this Court.” He wrote that by ignoring his application, the Supreme Court would, in hindsight, appear to favor one candidate over another. Then, in a footnote, he threatened to release the records of 815 clients regardless of the Court’s decision, so it appears we will be finding out what bearing those records have on our current presidential candidates soon enough.

Watch the complete, explosive story below (story starts at 2:30, presidential tie-in at 8:20)


Source: Mediaite

PJ Editor
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