BUSTED: Debate Press Corp Gives Up The Game…PROVES Trump Was RIGHT All Along!

2016 was the year the mainstream media finally gave up the pretense that it was objective and unbiased.

Back when conservatives first started to complain about the media’s obvious liberal bias, they were dismissed as crazy conspiracy nuts.

Fast forward to today and the MSM can’t even be bothered denying it. Thanks to WikiLeaks and other evidence of their collusion, they figure they might as well stop hiding their hatred of Donald Trump and their determination to get Hillary Clinton over the finish line.

While covering the third and final presidential debate for Fox News, Jesse Watters tweeted about the atmosphere in the press room:

“Watching debate in enormous room of media in Vegas. Press laughs and cheers for Hillary and groans and gasps when Trump speaks. #inthetank”

Also on the scene was Bud Kennedy, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

He tweeted a photo of the massive scrum of reporters and nicknamed it “Spin Alley.” An apt description, considering how desperate journalists were to paint the debate as a big win for Hillary Clinton.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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