Dem Consultant SHOCK Claim…’This Is A COUP D’ETAT!’

One of America’s leading pollsters offered up a somewhat shocking analysis of what’s going on this election season, insofar as truthful reporting from the media goes, at least.

And the news of the press isn’t good.

From Breitbart: Pollster Pat Caddell said the media has taken selective coverage and self-interested surveying techniques to new lows this election cycle.

And what’s going to result is an American populace that can be manipulated by the media well into the future.

Again, from Breitbart: “Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday, ‘If they do this, they will have ratified their right to control American politics and their right to decide what the American people have a right to know and what they don’t. They will have executed … on behalf of the political establishment … basically a coup d’état, as somebody else has used that term, against the people, against the country.”

What ever happened to the ideal of the American media as a watchdog on the government – an independent operation that served as somewhat of a Fourth Estate?

Gone, gone and once again, gone. This election and campaign season only underscore how far the press has strayed from Founding Father intent, as encapsulated in the First Amendment.

As Caddell noted in Breitbart: “‘[T]he media’s job is to inform of everything … [but] yhere’s almost no coverage anymore of Clinton, or the emails, or whatever. All of that under whatever excuses they use, it is all to the purpose of helping to support her candidacy and in their belief that they have to stop Donald Trump.'”

Source: Breitbart

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