BREAKING: Dem Senator Submits Bill To UNDERMINE Trump…But Donald Just FIRED BACK!

We’ve had to stomach a week of the left’s sour grapes backlash at Donald Trump’s historic win. They’ve complained like babies, blaming sexism, long lines and the kitchen sink for Hillary Clinton’s epic loss.

The fact remains Trump won because America was tired of the radical liberal policies of Obama and the Democrats. We wanted to see jobs return to our country, illegal immigration end, and the destruction of ISIS.

The only sure way the Democrats will survive is to reform their party. They need to eject every extremist left-winger and eradicate any shred of corruption. Will they do this? Judging from their initial reaction, it doesn’t look hopeful.

From Twitchy:

With a Republican-controlled D.C., don’t expect this ridiculous amendment to get past the Twittersphere. The fact remains that the Electoral College gives each state a say in who becomes the next president. A “popular” vote only gives the areas with the highest populations a say.

The left is bellyaching over the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by a slim margin. They ignore the possibility that over 3 million illegal immigrants voted, quite possibly giving her that edge. But if we really had a populate vote that determined the election, the campaigns would have looked utterly different.

Make no mistake, both campaigns would have focused their efforts in California and New York, the most densely populated parts of the country. It wouldn’t have been their fault; it’s what they would have to have done to win. That would have neglected 48 states, depriving millions of Americans of their voice.

Voting would plummet as millions of Americans would be convinced their votes didn’t matter. It would leave the election process to rampant fraud and abuse.

The bottom line? Hillary wouldn’t have won if we used the popular vote because the campaigns would have been radically different. A popular vote would deprive 95% of the country from having a say in our president.

So let’s keep the Constitution the way it is, okay?

Source: Twitchy

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