Democrat Assault On Trump Jr. Backfires Big-time, Look Who’s Behind It All!

The leftwing hate machine’s hot new outrage relates to a meeting last year between leading members of Trump’s team and a Russian lawyer connected to the Kremlin.

Sounds pretty spicy right?

But the more that comes out about the meeting, the more it becomes clear that it was a nothingburger with the lawyer obsessed with pushing a personal agenda about international adoption.

The Trump team members thought they were going to learn about Hillary’s connections to Russia. When they realized it wasn’t true, they ended the meeting.

So how did they end up in a room with a Kremlin lawyer in the first place?

That is where it gets interesting.

As reported by HuffPo on Priebus’s Fox News Sunday appearance…

On Sunday, Priebus said “the individual that set up the meeting may have been” associated with Fusion GPS, the Washington, D.C.-based strategy firm behind a leaked intelligence dossier that suggested Russian officials possess materials that could be used to blackmail President Trump. Trump’s Republican rivals in the primary funded the opposition research at first, but it was later continued with backing from the Democrats. 

Once more, it was the Democrats with the Russia connection and once again playing games trying to trap Trump in their fake new narrative about Russian collusion.

This is a perfect example of how the deep state (liberal democrats all) uses its tentacles to try to undermine the president.

Luckily he has been much smarter then them so far.

Source: Huffington Post

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