DEMOCRAT Consultant SHOCK Claim…’Trump Will WIN If He…’

Despite a biased media whose been attacking him since day one, Donald Trump is dominating this election. Regular Americans pack out stadiums to see the man, as he travels across the country.

People from all backgrounds are coming out in support of the candidate, who represents a dynamic shift from the broken, corrupt, insider politics of the federal government.

Meanwhile his rival, Hillary Clinton, has been exposed by one scandal after another. While the press tries to protect her, Americans are seeing just how untrustworthy the woman is.

Traditional polls for weeks have been showing a rise in Trump support. Even with biased pollsters, and out dated methods, Trump is gaining a serious lead over Hillary.

From Breitbart:

Pollster Pat Caddell believes that victory in the 2016 election is in the hands of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying on Monday, “This really is Trump’s election if he wants to win it.”

“It’s in his hands,” Caddell told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily. “We still have not seen the rise of the refugee issue, which the Breitbart Gravis polls shows has emerged as a major issue.”

Although the pollster is reflecting a favorable attitude toward Trump, he seems to be gravely uninformed over what’s going on in his campaign. Did Caddell not watch the GOP convention? Has he not been following the rhetoric of the man?

How could he suggest Trump doesn’t want to win this election? He says Trump hasn’t addressed the refugee issue, something Trump frequently talks about in speeches on national security.

Trump has bashed Clinton for wanting to increase the number of refugees by 500%. He has also made some enemies by saying we should stop all immigration–including refugees–from Muslim countries or countries that are sponsoring terrorism.

How did Caddell miss that?

I maintain that traditional polling is fundamentally flawed. Modern methods are emerging that give greater insight into voters’ attitudes and trends. While old fashion methods are frequently colored or distorted by the short-comings of the pollsters.

Caddell’s ignorance is just one example.

The bottom line is Trump is dominating this election because he’s going to where the people are, speaking to the issues that matter to them, and is defying the status quo with his brash, unapologetic stance.

Hillary just can’t match that.

Source: Breitbart

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