Wow: Democrat Drops Awesome News About Hillary’s Electoral Votes…This Will Make You Cheer!

After weeks of weeks of speculation, hype, rumors, the Electoral College finally weighed in and cast their votes for Trump.

It turned out as we all knew it would; Donald Trump got more than the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to confirm his Presidential win. Even though there was an effort to intimidate the electorate into changing their vote, the vast majority did their duty to choose Trump, the rightful winner.

But there were a few who refused to vote, but not for who you think.

From Twitchy:

For days (weeks) Hollywood elite has been begging electors NOT to vote for Trump and instead to vote for Hillary, even though they were ‘elected’ to select the man who won the election, Donald Trump.

One elector in Minnesota has changed his or her mind and has refused to vote for … Hillary.

When everything was said and done, there were only two Republican electors that refused to vote for Trump and four electors that refused to vote for Hillary.

There are no federal mandates that require an elector to vote for the candidate that won, though state regulations vary on the subject. It’s highly unlikely that electors would refuse to vote for the candidate of their party. The few that chose to dissent did so as a form of protest, not as an attempt to change the outcome of the election.

Regardless of what the hardliners on the left tried to say and do, Donald Trump won decisively on November 8. They can complain all they want, but they cannot change our democratic process.

Source: Twitchy

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