Democrat Leader Goes Off The DEEP END! Says American People “Don’t Want…

Yes, Nancy Pelosi is still around, and in charge. While millions of Americans voted for change a month ago, the California congresswoman beat out a challenger vowing to bring new ideas to her district, and the party.

Pelosi has always been an out of touch, elitist flake, but Trump’s win has apparently left her more delusional than ever.

This is evident by looking at what she said to host John Dickerson on the latest episode of Face the Nation:

PELOSI: “I don’t think people want a new direction.” (…)

DICKERSON: “Here’s my question, though, Democrats since 2008, the numbers are ghastly for Democrats. Democrats are down 10 percent, in the House down 19.3 percent and in governors 35 percent. The Democrats are getting clobbered at every level over multiple elections. That seems like a real crisis for the party?”

PELOSI: “You’re forgetting that we went up so high in 2006 and 2008, and let me just put that in perspective. When President Clinton was elected, Republicans came in big in the next election. When President Bush was president, we came in big in the next election. When President Obama became president, the Republicans came in big in the next election.”

Liberals don’t like statistics and facts, but unfortunately for Pelosi and her party, the numbers don’t lie:

For example, since Obama took office, the number of Democratic governors has dropped over 35 percent. Voters expressed their disapproval of Obama by voting for Republicans at other levels again and again.

Finally, they couldn’t take it anymore and elected Donald Trump along with a Republican House and Senate.

It’s an obvious message, unless you live in a fancy establishment bubble like Nancy Pelosi.

Source: Allen B. West

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