Democrat Leader SHOCK Allegations…Democrats Panic!

After many failed attempts to prosecute gangster Al Capone on murder charges and other felonies, the federal government famously managed to get him behind bars by switching their focus to Capone’s non-violent crimes.

The powerful gangland leader was finally locked up after he was found guilty of tax evasion.

Now, it looks like it is possible that would-be Democratic National Committee chair (and Nation of Islam associate) Keith Ellison might be brought down on similar charges.

Jazz Shaw reports for

Ellison’s early years were marked by problems ranging from a failure to pay a significant amount of taxes to having his drivers license suspended.

Back then, Ellison’s ex-wife took the fall for most of these bookkeeping errors, but when you’re looking to assume a role with tremendous accountability and constant scrutiny, that’s rarely a great excuse. One of the top items on the list is the fact that Ellison wound up paying off a tax lien by the IRS to the tune of more than $18K. Considering how much a young elected official makes, that’s a significant oversight. (…)

And there were campaign finance violations as well. All of these items were settled later on, but is this really the sort of baggage the Democrats want to haul in to the office of their new chairman? There’s also the question of implied hypocrisy, since whoever heads the party next will be expected to function as an attack dog against any Republicans who may run into similar trouble.

These are all fascinating points, but there is one more to consider:

Is it possible that the only reason Keith Ellison has gotten to this elevated position within the party is that he brings “diversity” to the Democrats? Would another individual really have risen this far, with this same baggage?

This story is another indication of how much the Democrats value bizarre considerations like “race” or other “identity politics” signifiers than they do basic morality.

Source: Hot Air

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