Democrats Are IMPLODING…Here’s Proof They’re DONE Winning Elections!

With the historic win of Donald Trump to the White House, it’s safe to say the Democratic Party is in disarray. We’ve been saying this for quite some time. Ever since the DNCLeaks revealed the depths of their corruption, we’ve known they were on a long, slow path to death.

What else can you say about a party so debase, they would betray one of their own candidates to help the other? The steps the DNC took to destroy Bernie Sanders’ chances at the nomination were downright criminal.

That’s not even to mention the kind of tactics Hillary and her people used to undermine Trump’s campaign, or the other vile allegations revealed through Wikileaks.

Clearly the Democrats are a party out of touch with American values and its people. In the coming years they’ll need to reevaluate the people and policies they have been embracing for years. Perhaps they will reject the radical and Socialist agenda that has corrupted them for many decades. Perhaps they will return to true American values and win over the support of voters.

Perhaps not.

From McClatchy DC:

A brawl is about to break out among Democrats on Capitol Hill, and when it’s done, Democrats will say they’re going to be OK. They’re wrong.

They’ll return next year to face one of the biggest Republican majorities in the House of Representatives since the 1920s. They’ll have 48 out of the 100 Senate seats, but they have to defend 25 of those seats in two years. They lost the White House in a year they were strongly favored to win.

And they still face a daunting challenge crafting, let alone communicating, an economic message. It’s widely agreed that the party was unable to find a vigorous, meaningful way of telling working class voters it understood their concerns.

After eight years of the most liberal president in U.S. history, America is tired of the fast and loose game democrats play with our country. Their embracing of radical groups like Black Lives Matter, social justice warriors, and transgender activists has alienated them from regular Americans.

That’s not even getting into the failed liberal economic, immigration, and national security policies that have damaged our country.

Make no mistake, there are problems with the Republican Party as well. But their embracing of outsider Donald Trump was a sign that conservatives are willing to make changes to government as usual. After eight years of Obama, the best the DNC could do was replace him with Hillary Clinton, a general distrusted and disliked figure.

Maybe they’ll start to become centrist again. Maybe they’ll finally let go of the Communist ideology that’s poisoned them for years. Or maybe they’ll dig in their heels, refusing to change.

Either way drastic change is coming to the democrats, whether they like it or not.

Source: McClatchy DC

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