Democrats Spit On The Graves Of Orlando Victims…This is DISGUSTING!

Another day, another opportunity for Democrats to humiliate themselves. We’ve seen in the past how this group of school yard bullies tries to intimidate and generally act unprofessional in Washington. It seems like they don’t have any other recourse than to behavior like immature children to get their way.

Now it seems even honoring the dead is too outside their little brains to comprehend. When House Republicans wanted to spare a minute to show respect to those who lost their lives in Orlando, the Democrats acted like spoiled, rotten children (spoiler: because that’s what they are).

Via The Political Insider:

House Democrats staged protests Monday evening in response to a moment of silence on the floor to remember the victims of the attack in a gay nightclub in Orlando…

After Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) led the House in the moment of silence in honor of the 49 people who died in the massacre on Sunday, the chamber erupted into shouting as Democrats expressed frustration over the lack of votes to restrict guns after repeated mass shootings.

 “Where’s the bill?” Democrats chanted.

“Show some respect!” other Democrats shouted.

Some lawmakers walked out of the House chamber before the moment of silence began in protest, including Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.). Earlier in the day, Himes declared he would not participate in any more moments of silence as a form of protest of the lack of legislative responses to mass shootings.

How childish, disrespectful, and ignorant can a person be to refuse a moment of silence for 50 murdered Americans? This gross display is un-American and pathetic. The left love to crow about how they support LGBT groups, but they can’t shut up for one minute to honor them?

Believe me when I say if a Democrat had proffered the moment of silence, they would have all fallen in line.  They would have eviscerated any Republican who refused. But because Paul Ryan did it, they felt it appropriate to make noise instead. How long are Americans going to put up with such an unprofessional and disgraceful group like the Democrats?

If they can’t even stay silent for one minute to honor the LGBT community, how can they be trusted to do anything else?

Source: The Political Insider

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